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Tim Michels Net Worth, Family, Education, Achievements and Career


Tim J. Michels is a prominent businessman from Wisconsin. Tim Michels Net Worth is $45 million as of 2023.

Who is Tim?

Tim Mechels is one of the USA’s most astute entrepreneurs. 

He inherits business blood from his family. Tim is a co-owner and co-manager of a construction company named Michels Corporation.

His pivotal role in Michels Corporation has propelled him to accumulate a noteworthy fortune.

With his experience and accomplishments in this field, he has a net worth of over $15 million as of 2023.

Do you want to know about him and how he made his multi-millions?

Now we are going deep into Tim’s biography and net worth in the next part of the article. Please keep reading to uncover further insights into Tim Mechels’ life story and the path he undertook to achieve his multimillion-dollar status.

                             Tim Mechels at a Glance

Professional NameTimothy James Michels 
Born inAugust 7, 1962
Age 61 years (2023)
Birth PlaceLomira, Wisconsin, USA
ReligionCatholic Chiristian
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseBarbara Ann Silla
Net Worth$15 million (2023)

Early Life and Education

Tim was born on August 7, 1962, in Lomira, Wisconsin, USA. 

His father’s name is Dale Robert Michels, and his mother’s name is Ruth Lucile Michels. 

Michels received his early education at Lomira High School in 1980. Next, he completed his BA degree in political science from St. Norbert College in 1984. 

Later, Tim earned an MBA from the University of Chicago also an MPA from the Illinois Institute of Technology, both in 1997.


Tim and his wife, Barbara Ann Silla, shared their wedding vows for over two decades.

They have shared three children named Sophie Michels, Hank Michel, and Will Michels in their happily and strong-tied marriage life.


Tim Michels Military Service 

T. James started his career as a member of the United States Army. He served almost twelve years as an infantry officer. He earned a major badge in his career.


James comes from a business background. His family established and owned Michels Corporation in 1959. It is one of the largest construction companies in America. Now, Tim is a co-owner and co-manages this company.


Tim J. Michels is competed several times from the Republican’s end, but his attempts were unsuccessful yet.

His political career started in the 1998 Wisconsin State Senate Republican Primary.

Later, he also took part in the 2004 U.S. Senate election in Wisconsin, 2022 Wisconsin Gubernatorial Republican Primary, and 2022 Wisconsin gubernatorial election.     


                                 Net Worth Timeline

Net worth in 2023:

Net Worth$45 Million
Average Monthly Income$380k 
Yearly Income$4.6 Million

Net worth in recent years

Tim Michels Net Worth 2022$42 Million
Tim Michels Net Worth 2021$41 Million
Tim Michels Net Worth 2020$38 Million 
Tim Michels Net Worth 2019$36 Million

Owned Assets

J. Michels owned a luxurious and enchanting mansion in Greenwich. He reportedly has another house in Wisconsin. And it is not yet confirmed whether he has another Residence in NY or not.

He possesses over four cars in his garage, which include a Range Rover and a Mercedes. His favourite seems to be the Mercedes Jeep, as he’s frequently spotted driving it.

Appearance on Social 

Tim Michels on Twitter
Tim Michels on Website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Tim Mechels Net Worth?

  • Tim Mechels Net Worth is $45 million as of 2023.

2. How Much Does Tim Makes Annually?

  • His average annual income is $4.5 million.

3. Who is Tim’s Wife?

  • Tim’s wife’s name is Barbara Ann Silla.

4. What is Mecheles position about abortion and same-sex marriage?

  • He is completely opposed to these ideas. 

5. What about Tim Michels Military Service? 

  • He served USA military for twelve years.

Final Verdict

Absolutely no offence intended; Tim has undeniably established himself as an exceptional and foresighted businessman. 

He achieved remarkable prominence for his unique qualities in both business and politics.

Michels is such a successful multitasker. He successfully handled all his business ventures along with his family.

So, it is pretty normal that Tim J. has a net worth of $45 million with a yearly income of more than four and a half million.

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