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Dianne Feinstein Net Worth, Family, Career, and Lifestyle


Dianne is a multi-talented political strategist and senior United States senator. Dianne Feinstein net worth is $230 million. 

Do you want to see a detailed view of Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein’s fortune?

In this following article, we will discuss and elaborate on Jasons’s biography, career details, sources of income, background, education, and personal life. 

Who is Feinstein?

Dianne is an American politician who served as the senior United States senator since 1992.

She also served as the first female mayor of San Francisco from 1978 to 1988 

Dianne was the first woman to serve as a senator from California.

She has been trending for his stands in issues like Abortion, Capital punishment, Energy and environment, Foreign policy, Health care, Gun control, Marriage, Immigration, Marijuana, Military and national security, etc.

For her diplomatic stands on different tough issues, both Republican and Democrats somewhat depend on her.


                   Dianne Feinstein at a Glance


Real Name Dianne Emiel Goldman
Gander Female
Date of Birth June 22, 1933
Dianne Feinstein Age  90 Years (2023)
Birth Place San Francisco, California, USA
Dianne Feinstein Height 1.78 m
Religion Judaism
Marital Status Widowed
Nationality American
Dianne Feinstein Husband Late. Richard C. Blum
Occupation Political Analyst, Senator
Net Worth $230 million  (2023) 


Early  Life and Education

Dianne Emiel Goldman was born on June 15, 1989, in Los Angeles, USA, and her roots also trace back to a rich blend of  Polish-Russian heritage. Dianne’s paternal grandparents were from Poland, and her maternal grandparents were from Russia.

Within the context, her father, Leon Goldman, a surgeon, and her mother, Betty Goldman, a model, play pivotal roles in shaping her future.

She completed her school life at Convent of the Sacred Heart High School in 1951.

Later, she achieved her bachelor’s degree in History from  Stanford University in 1955.

Personal Life

Dianne first married Jack Berman  in 1956. They have a daughter, Katherine Feinstein Mariano, in their married life.

But Dianne and Jack split up after three years in 1959.

Next, she married Bertram Feinstein in 1962 and divorced in 1978.

Finally, she married Richard C. Blum, an investment banker, in 1980, and they were together till Richard’s death in 2022.

Professional Career

Dianne started her career as a fellow at the Coro Foundation, an organization that teaches leadership to young adults in the 1955-56 session.

Next, she was appointed to the California Women’s Parole Board by Governor Pat Brown.

After leaving the duty in 1966, she was elected to the San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors in 1969. And in 1978, he was elected as the president of the San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors in 1978.

In 1978, she became the acting mayor of  San Francisco as the mayor of that time was assassinated. After two unsuccessful runs for the mayor election in 1971 and 1975, she became San Francisco’s first female mayor on December 4, 1978. And, again, elected for a second time as a mayor in 1983.

For her skills in handling the position, she was recognized as the nation’s “Most Effective Mayor” by  City & State magazine in 1987.

In context, she made an unsuccessful run for the governor of California in 1990 against the Republican Senator Pete Wilson.

She won a special election for the U.S. Senate to complete the unexpired terms of Wilson’s time. She was re-elected in 1994, 2000, 2006, 2012, and 2018. 

And, in 2023, Feinstein said she will not compete for the 2024 senate election.


                              Net Worth Timeline

Dianne Feinstein Net worth in 2023:


Net Worth $230 Million
Monthly Salary $191k
Average Monthly Income  $3.5 Million
Yearly Income $42 Million


Recent Year’s Net Worth:


Dianne Feinstein Net Worth 2022 $222 Million
Dianne Feinstein Net Worth 2021 $215 Million
Dianne Feinstein Net Worth 2020 $210 Million 
Dianne Feinstein Net Worth 2019 $203 Million

Dianne Feinstein Houses 

Dianne Feinstein maintains  her lifestyle. Her taste reflects in her home and everything else. Now, 

  • $6 million house in Washington, D.C.’s Spring Valley
  • $16.5 million mansion in Pacific Heights area of San Francisco
  • $9.7 million mansion in Lake Tahoe (now sold at $33 million)

Dianne Cars

She possesses over ten cars in her garage, which including

  • Land Rover Defender
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia
  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Audi Rs Q8
  • Genesis G70
  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 1965
  • Chevrolet El Camino SS 1970

Awards and Achievements

  • Honorary Doctor of Laws from Golden Gate University in San Francisco 
  • Legion of Honour by France
  • The Woodrow Wilson Award for public service
  •  “Nathan Davis Award” for the her contribution in the Public Health by  the American Medical Association
  • One of The Forward 50 in 2015

Appearance on Social


Dianne Feinstein Twitter
Dianne Feinstein Facebook
Dianne Feinstein Instagram
Dianne Feinstein Linkedin
Dianne Feinstein Website


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How much is Dianne Feinstein net worth 2023?

At present, she has $230 million as net worth.

Who is Dianne Feinstein husband?

Dianne’s last husband’s name is Late. Richard C. Blum

What about Dianne Feinstein height?

Her height is 1.78 meters. 

How much is Dianne Feinstein salary?

 She now made nearly $191k as a senator.

What is Dianne Feinstein age?

         Feinstein is now 90 years old. 

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Last Words

Undoubtedly, Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein is a successful political strategist who skillfully handled all her ventures. She achieved remarkable prominence for her unique qualities in both business and politics.

So, it is not surprising that she at least has a net worth of $230 million. Apart from the disclosed amount, the volume will undoubtedly be higher and grow in the next days.  

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