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Bob Lee Net Worth, Education, Family, and Career


Bob Lee is an American businessman, software businessman, and entrepreneur. Bob Lee net worth is $10 million as of 2023.

Who is Bob?

Bob is a software businessman and the man behind Cash App. 

For his extensive contribution in the technology sector, he is recognized as a Tech-Mughal.

His journey has been marked by remarkable achievements, propelling his towards the remarkable milestone of amassing a billion-dollar net worth. To gain a comprehensive understanding of Bob and his multifaceted career, it’s imperative to delve into his biography and the mechanisms through which he generates his wealth.

As we navigate through the successive segments of this article, a more profound comprehension of Bob Lee’s life, accomplishments, and financial achievements will be unveiled, underscoring his significance as a businessman and entrepreneur. 

It is through this journey that his evolution from a talented and foresighted entrepreneur to a prominent, financially successful figure comes to light. 

Stay engaged until the culmination of this piece to unravel the captivating details of Bob Lee Cash App wiki net worth.

                                   Bob Lee at a Glance

Real NameBob Lee
Birth dateDecember 20, 1979
Birth PlaceSt. Louis, Missouri, United States
Marital StatusSeparated
OccupationEntrepreneur, Businessman and Software Engineer 
Bob Lee Net Worth$10 million (2023)

Early Life and Education

Born on December 20, 1979, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Boob’s roots trace back to a pure American heritage. Within this context, his father, Rick Lee, and mother, Nannette Lee, play pivotal roles in shaping his upbringing and values.

Bob started his early education from Lindbergh High School. Navigating through his formative years,Lee’s educational journey ended at Southeast Missouri State University, where he enriched his path of learning and growth.

Relationships and Divorce

Bob Lee has two children with his wife, Krista Lee, named Dagny Lee & Scout Lee. 

This couple split up in 2019 and their two children stayed with their mother.


Lee showed his skills in technology at an early age. He wrote a 3D rendering engine in Turbo Pascal while in the school. 

Bob released a free program in 2001 to defend Microsoft IIS servers from Code Red. Code Red was a virus that rapidly spread at that time.

Lee worked in his University life as a web developer. 

But Bob’s professional career started as a technical architect at AT&T. Where he designed a aspect-oriented programming (AOP) framework similar to the Spring Framework for Java.

Lee’s work attracted Google, and they hired him in 2004. He worked there as a software engineer until 2010. Where he developed the Android mobile operating system.

In 2010, his Google career ended, and e-commerce company Square recruited him as a chief technology officer and led development on the company’s Android app. 

Bob helped Square build CashApp, the most successful accomplishment in his career. 

He left Square and invested in many tech startups, including Clubhouse, SpaceX, and Figma till his death.

                              Bob Lee Net Worth Timeline

Cash App Bob Lee Net worth 2023:

Bob Lee Tech Net Worth$10 Million
Monthly Income$200k
Yearly Income$2.5 Million

Net Worth in Recent Years:

Bob Lee Net Worth Sab Francisco 2022$9.5 Million
Bob Lee Tech Net Worth  2021$8.9 Million
Bob Lee Net Worth San Francisco 2020$8.4 Million
Bob Lee Net Worth San Francisco 2019$7.9 Million

Owned Assets

Bob was known to possess two lavish residences that mirrored his refined preferences – an opulent $3.5 million estate nestled in California and an impressive $4.23 million domicile gracing the vibrant streets of Miami.

 His distinct taste extended to his automobile fleet, with a predilection for SUVs evident in his collection, which featured prestigious models such as the Mercedes Benz S class and the iconic Range Rover.

 Meanwhile, Lee, renowned for his fervor for SUVs, amassed a diverse car collection boasting a Mercedes Benz S class and a Range Rover, among others. His penchant for quality and elegance was vividly showcased not only through his choice of homes but also through his carefully curated array of automobiles.

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Appearance on Social 

Bob Lee Twitter
Bob Lee Instagram

How has Bob Earned his Money?

Bob started making money through AT&T. Then he makes his most money at Google, which was around $90000 to $92000 per month. 

Next, as the CTO of Square, his estimated salary was $260k per month. He also earned a lot as a founder of CashApp, which makes his maximum Bob Lee net worth Forbes. 

And his investments average return was 10%-15% before his death.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Who founded the CashApp?

  • Bob Lee was the founder of CashApp.

2.How much was Bob Lee net worth?

  • Bob Lee’s net worth was $10 million.

3.What are the names of Bob Lee’s Children?

  • Dagny Lee & Scout Lee are the two children of Bob and Krista.

4.Is Bob Lee alive now?

  • Bob was stabbed and died in April 4, 2023.


Lee was stabbed in the 300 block of Main Street in the Rincon Hill neighborhood of San Francisco on April 4, 2023. 

Then the San Francisco Police Department arrested Nima Momeni as suspect. Later, Nima confessed that alligation. 

Final Verdict

No offense; Bob was undoubtedly a quality businessman. He had a successful venture due to his trait.

He has such a significant personality and was a talented businessman and tech-savvy all over the USA. Nobody can deny his in the area of business and technology.

So, it is not unsurprising that he has a net worth of $10 million. And indeed, it will rise to the next level soon.

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