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Tory Lanez Net Worth Forbes, Education and Career


Tory is a flawless rapper, musician, and music video producer in the American music industry. Tory Lanez net worth is $4.2 million as of 2023.

Who is Tory?

Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson, popularly known as Tory Lanez, is among the most proficient musicians in American music industry history.

This 31 year, aged guy has already made a storm with his tracks-  Why Did I, Ballad of a Badman, Who Needs Love, They Don’t Know, Lavender Sunflower, The Take, LUV, etc.

Lanez’s influence and success extend beyond his musical prowess. His journey has been marked by remarkable achievements, propelling him towards the remarkable milestone of amassing a more than million-dollar net worth. To gain a comprehensive understanding of Tory Lanez and his multifaceted career, it’s imperative to delve into his biography and the mechanisms through which he generates his wealth.

As we navigate through the successive segments of this article, a more profound comprehension of Tory Lanez’s life, accomplishments, and financial achievements will be unveiled, underscoring his significance as an artist and entrepreneur. It is through this journey that his evolution from a talented young artist to a prominent, financially successful figure comes to light. Stay engaged until the culmination of this piece to unravel the captivating details that shape the story of Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson.

                          Tory Lanez At a Glance

Real NameDaystar Shemuel Shua Peterson
Birth dateJuly 27, 1992
Age 31 years (2023)
Tory Lanez Height5’7″
Tory Lanez Weight68 kilograms (149 Pounds)
Birth PlaceBrampton, Ontario, Canada
Marital StatusUnmarried 
Tory Lanez GirlfriendIggy Azalea 
OccupationSinger, Actress, Music Video Producer, Record producer, and Fashion Designer
Net Worth$4.2 million (2023)

Early Life and Education

Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson’s was born on July 27, 1992, in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, but his roots trace back to a rich blend of Jamaican and Dutch heritage. Later, their family migrated from Canada to USA.

Within this context, his father, Sonstar Peterson, and mother, Luella Peterson, play pivotal roles in shaping his upbringing and values.

Navigating through his formative years, Lanez’s educational journey commenced at Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School, where he embarked on the path of learning and growth.

But he dropped out of school in the tenth grade to pursue his dreams in music. 


Tory’s relationship lists included Megan Thee Stallion (2020), Joseline Hernandez (2018), Kash Doll (2018), Nakita Johnson (2017–2018), Masika Kalysha (2017), Kaylin Garcia (2017), DreamDoll (2015–2016), and Trina (2014–2017).

His last girlfriend’s name is Iggy Azalea (2022). Tory has a child named Kai.


In 2009, Tory released his debut mixtape T.L 2 T.O, and entered into a professional music career. His other populer mixtapes are Just Landed, One Verse One Hearse, Playing for Keeps and Mr. 1 Verse Killah.

Lanez album debut is through “I Told You,” in 2016. Up next, following the stairs,  he released “Memories Don’t Die” (2018), “Love Me Now?” (2018), “Chixtape 5” (2019), and “Daystar” (2020).

Tory’s first single “Say It,” has reached #5 on the “Billboard” Hot R&B Songs chart and also #23 on the “Billboard” Hot 100 chart.

Music videos on his direction named, Do the Most” (2020), “In the Air” (2020), and “Band A Man” (2021), etc.

He has collaborated with celebrity artists like, Soulja Boy, Sean Kingston, Kid Ink, Bow Wow, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, YG, Ty Dolla $ign, Meek Mill, and Yo Gotti.

Tory also owned a record label named Forever Umbrella. Under this name, Tory also opened a clothing line. 

                               Net Worth Timeline

Tory Lanez Net worth 2023:

Net Worth$4.2 Million
Monthly Income$130k
Yearly Income$1.7 Million

Net Worth in Recent Years:

Tory lanez Net Worth 2022$3.9 Million
Tory lanez Net Worth 2021$3.2 Million
Tory lanez Net Worth 2020$2.8 Million
Tory lanez Net Worth 2019$2.2 Million

How Tory Made his Money?

Tory earned through

  • YouTube (3% of net income)
  • Music (82% of net income)
  • Fashion Brand (15% of  net income)
  • Others (rest 2% of net income)

Owned Assets

Tory reportedly has 2 homes.

  1. He owned $1.175 million for a home in Los Angeles.
  2. Another apartment valued at $2.1 million in Miami.

He has also a unique collection of car’s. His collection contains BMW, Aston Martin, etc.

Awards and Achievements

Tory Lanez’s career is blessed with accolades and achievements.

In 2017, he won ‘Juno Awards’ in Rap Recording of the Year catagory for his song “Shooters”

He also won the same award in the same category for Love Me Now? And “Freaky” in 2019. 

In 2020, he won the Juno Award for R&B/Soul Recording of the Year for his song “Feel It Too.”

In fact, he was nominated for a Grammy Award in Best R&B Song category in 2017.

Tory Lanez Incident & Mugshot

Tory shot Megan Thee Stallion in 2020. Though, initially assumed that Megan’s foot wounded by broken glass but Megan later disputed that it was caused by a Gunshot by Tory.

After, that incident, when Tory is under the police custody, a ‘smilling’ mugshot of him is going to viral.

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Appearance on Social 

Tory Lanez Facebook
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Tory Lanez Instagram
Tory Lanez YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How much is Tory Lanez net worth 2023?
  • Tory Lanez’s net worth Forbes is $4.2 million.

2. What is Tory’s ethnicity?

  • Tory is from Jamaican and Dutch backgrounds.

3. What is the name of Tory Lanez girlfriend?

  • His girlfriend’s name is Iggy Azalea. 

Final Verdict

No offense; Tory is undoubtedly a quality actress, singer, fashion designer and producer. He has become trending at such a young age due to his trait.

He has such a significant personality and is a talented musician all over the USA. 

His every work attracts people and creates an appeal for them to become her fans. Nobody can deny him in the area of music. 

So, it is not unsurprising that he has a net worth of $4.2 million. And indeed, it will rise to the next level soon.

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