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Gerry Spence Net Worth, Family, Achievements, and Career


Gerry is an attorney specializing in trial and criminal-defending cases. Gerry Spence net worth is $7.6 million as of 2023.

In this following article, we will discuss and elaborate on Gerry Spence’s biography, career details, sources of income, background, education, and personal life.

Stay engaged until the culmination of this piece to unravel the captivating details that shape the story of Gerald Leonard Spence.  

Who is Gerald?

Gerry Spence is a specialist in trial & criminal cases . 

Most interesting fact about him is he never lost any criminal case and has not lost a civil case since 1969.

  1. Spence is the founder of his own firm, Spence lawyers in Michigan. 

Some of his cases included the family of Karen Silkwood,  Randy Weaver, Ed Cantrell, David Foreman, etc.

For his extravagant performance, he is recognized as a member of the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame.


                         Highlights of Gerald Spence


Real Name Gerald Leonard Spence
Gander Male
Birth date January 8, 1929
Age  74 years (2023)
Birth Place Laramie, Wyoming, United States
Religion Christian
Marital Status Married 
Ethnicity American
Spouse LaNelle Hampton Peterson
Profession Attorney
Net Worth $20.7 Million (2023)


Early Life

Gerald Leonard Spence was born on January 8, 1929, in Laramie, Wyoming, United States. And, his roots trace back to pure American heritage. 

Within this context, his father, Gerald M. and mother, Esther Sophie, play pivotal roles in shaping her upbringing and values.

Navigating through her formative years, Gerald’s educational journey commenced at nearby High School at Wyoming, where he embarked on the path of learning and growth. 

Later, he completed his graduation from the University of Wyoming and from the University of Wyoming College of Law. 

Personal Life

Spence first married Anna Wilson when he was in school. He has five children and a step-son from his marriage. But they divorced in 1969.

He again married LaNelle Hampton Peterson in 1969 and they are still together.



Law Career

In his early career, Gerry joined as a prosecuting attorney of Fremont County, Wyoming. 

He gained attention by representing Karen Silkwood’s family. Karen was a chemical technician and died in a one-car crash under suspicious circumstances. 

Lastly, Spence won a $10.5 million verdict for Karen’s family.

He also won a record-setting $26.5 million decree against Penthouse magazine for a former Miss Wyoming.

In addition, he won a $52 million verdict against McDonald’s Corporation on behalf of a small ice-cream company.

His other famous cases and winnings are Randy Weaver,  Ed Cantrell, David Foreman, Lee Harvey Oswald etc.

Authorship Career

Gerry wrote over a dozen books,

  • Gunning for Justice – My Life and Trials (Doubleday 1982) 
  • Of Murder and Madness: A True Story of Insanity and the Law (Doubleday 1983) 
  • Trial by Fire: The True Story of a Woman’s Ordeal at the Hands of the Law (William Morrow 1986)
  • With Justice for None: Destroying an American Myth (Times Books 1989) 
  • From Freedom to Slavery: The Rebirth of Tyranny in America (St. Martin’s Press 1993) 
  • How to Argue & Win Every Time: At Home, At Work, In Court, Everywhere, Everyday (St. Martin’s Press 1995) 
  • The Making of a Country Lawyer (St. Martin’s Press 1996) 
  • O. J.: The Last Word (St. Martin’s Press 1997) 
  • Give Me Liberty: Freeing Ourselves in the Twenty-First Century (St. Martin’s Press 1998) 
  • A Boy’s Summer: Fathers and Sons Together (St. Martin’s Press June 1, 2000) 
  • Gerry Spence’s Wyoming: The Landscape (St. Martin’s Press October 19, 2000)
  • Half Moon and Empty Stars (Scribner, 2001) 
  • Seven Simple Steps to Personal Freedom: An Owner’s Manual for Life (St. Martin’s Griffin November 1, 2002) 
  • The Smoking Gun: Day by Day Through a Shocking Murder Trial (Scribner 2003) 
  • Win Your Case: How to Present, Persuade, and Prevail—Every Place, Every Time (St. Martin’s Press 2006) 
  • Bloodthirsty Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power: The Rise and Risks of the New Conservative Hate Culture (St. Martin’s Press 2006) 
  • The Lost Frontier: Images and Narrative (Gibbs Smith October 1, 2013) 
  • Police State: How America’s Cops Get Away with Murder (St. Martin’s Press September 8, 2015)
  • Court of Lies (Forge Books February 19, 2019)
  •  The Martyrdom of Collins Catch the Bear (Seven Stories Press October 6, 2020)


                                Net Worth Timeline


Gerry Spence Net worth 2023:


Net Worth $20.7 Million
Monthly Income $290k
Yearly Income $3.5 Million


Recent Year’s Net Worth:


Gerry Spence Net Worth 2022 $20 Million
Gerry Spence Net Worth 2021 $19.5 Million
Gerry Spence Net Worth 2020 $18.9 Million 
Gerry Spence Net Worth 2019 $18.2 Million


Houses & Cars

Spence always maintains his class when it’s about his house and cars. Gerry Spence houses in following areas,

  •  Dubois, Wyoming – $3.162 Million 
  • Santa Barbara, California- $7.476 Million

Moreover, he has a avid collection of cars in his garage like,

  • Bentley Flying Spur
  • BMW iX

How does Gerry Spence charge?

Gerry and other stakeholders of his firm made a plan for the well-being of their clients. He said, “Lawyers should be chosen because they can demonstrate a history rich in human traits, the ability to care, the courage to fight, the will to win, a concern for the human condition, a passion for justice and simple uncompromising honesty. These are the traits of the lawyer.”

And, they neither take charge of consultation nor any defeated cases. But, they make a deal; if the client wins, then they charge a percentage which was previously dealt from them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Gerry Spence worth?

In 2023, Gerry Spence’s net worth is $20.7 million.

What is Gerry Spence net worth 2022 ?

In 2022, Gerry Spence’s net worth is $20 million.

Who is Gerry Spence first wife?

His first wife’s name is Anna Wilson (divorced 1969).

Who is Gerry Spence wife ?

His wife’s name is LaNelle Hampton Peterson.

How old is Gerry Spence?

Gerry Spence age is now 94 years.

Awards and Achievement

Spence has achieved several awards & accolades in his career lifespan.

  •  Recognized by the American Academy of Achievement for law and letters.
  • Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Wyoming Law School.
  • Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame.
  • Golden Plate Award of the American Academy of Achievement.

Appearance on Social 

Gerry Spence Twitter
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Final Verdict

Gerry built his credibility in the Law and Insurance industries, so he is recognized as a Super Lawyer in America. 

He manages tough cases perfectly and considers his clients as family members, so he fights for their rights.

He is highly conscious of the rights of sufferers and is a tough voice against injustice.

With a list of million-dollar winning histories, it is entirely expected that this attorney has a net worth of $20.7 million with $290k average monthly income.

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